by Faragou

Faragou Agency

For over 40 years,  the agency Faragou has brought together the skills to invent, create and execute. A process summed up in our motto :

« Invenit et Fecit » (Invented & Made)

Over 40 years


The Agency Faragou is a landscape architecture agency based in Nice on the French Riviera. Founded in 1978 by Alain Faragou, the agency is a true multidisciplinary workshop in city planning, landscape architecture and environment. The family business has thus become a benchmark.

 Since 1978, our team has been forward thinking in designing new landscapes in a wide range of urban, peri-urban, natural, public and private projects. Today, after celebrating its 40th anniversary, the agency has grown.

The arrival of Cesar Faragou, son of Alain, inspires a new ambition and combines architectural and landscape dynamics towards a new horizon of projetcs.


The agency extends its know-how form the conceptual upstream of a project to its concrete realization. It thus covers a wide range of skills thought which invention, creation and execution are intimately liked. This complex creative process rereflects the particular philosophy of Faragou Agency, summed up in one motto : « Invenit et Fecit », Invented and Made.

Each decision, whatever its scope, contributes to the enhancement of the initial landscape. Landscape-garden, urban-landscape, large landscape. Each is the result of a complex and subtle combination of multiple elements. The landscape architect acts as a space director to orchestrate their homogeneity and reciprocity. Today, landscape and architecture appear to us more like a creative approach which is part of a set of realities : geographic, social, botanical, cultural, functional, technological and plastic.

Alain Faragou


The agency stands out for its professional plurality since it involves about ten expert collaborators in the field of landscape architecture, geography and urban planning.

Our team is recognized at the highest level in territorial development, as well as eco-design. We are often called upon to work in partnership with other architectural agencies on national and international projects.


The agency is equipped with modern digital technology through which it carries out its projects. The software and platforms act as a real window on the project, offering those involved in planning and land management simple and efficient solutions allowing the rapid development of interactive digital models of cities or landscapes using standard geographic data.

More than just a 3D software the objective is to support the creative design processes and present the studies by giving meaning and value on the project. The Faragou Agency was one of the first to acquire this innovative technology in the field of architecture and landscape.



The scope of our missions deal with strategic and feasibility studies related to the great landscape and planning. Thus, we develop expertise in the preparation of preliminary studies and master plans.

The agency is also heavily involved in the creation, design, engineering and project management, whether at the scale of a country, a territory, a city, a site or of a garden. The agency stands out for the diversity of its field of action. She has experience in the design of indoor and outdoor furniture.

It operates in most fields of activity and skills related to architecture and landscape, and brings its unique know-how to various scales of intervention. From the project of large landscape and territory to the urban project and gardens, the agency counts more of 400 projects and achievements.