The furniture of the Parc de Isthme des Sablettes

The Fernand Braudel Park development project, located on the Isthmus of Sablettes in La Seyne-sur-Mer, is part of the tourism enhancement of the area.

The site, which extends over more than 7 hectares, combines the desire to infuse an urban project and integrate exceptional plant elements which convert the site into a seaside resort. The realization of the landscaping takes shape between 2 lands and 2 seas and is accompanied by designer street furniture as well as a revaluation of the neighborhood through landscaping treatment.

Created specifically to harmonize with natural and seaside atmospheres, a line of simple furniture, inspired by elements of local culture (sailing, fishing, etc.) has been designed and produced in shipbuilding materials made to resist spray and UV : iroko wood, marine stainless steel, white lacquered steel with easy maintenance.

The furniture is also surrounded by landscaped signage, where a route has been marked out by signs for the public. The information takes into account the scales of the landscape, the micro-scale of a plant or a group of plants.

Finally, realistic sculptures on a macro scale of particular and striking elements of the landscape, flora and fauna were created as a nod to the memory, local flora and fauna.

To find out more about the project, see the Parc Fernand Braudel project sheet.