The sculptures in the Automobile-Club garden in Monaco

Whatever the scale of a site, Agence Faragou approaches a project in the same way : feeling on site the possibilities of the site, then placing it in the context of its heritage, both cultural and natural, before proposing a complete project. This is exactly how the team from the architectural and landscape agency developed its working method for the Automobile Club garden in Monaco.

This patio garden opening onto the restaurant of the prestigious Automobile Club is also the scene of events, especially for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Monegasque garden, a real living space for Automobile-Club customers, is a « living allegory of the automobile and travel ». In fact, a play of superimpositions and silhouettes, a kind of assembly parts and mechanical structures, let a vertical landscape shine through through a play of double decor.

The walls have been replaced with metal panels cut into shapes reminiscent of auto parts ; here we recognize a suspension, there a clutch disc. The metal is Corten steel which rusts and then does not deteriorate. Each panel has been drawn to scale to organize the play of depths and the sequence, because it is a continuous sculpture that can be visited and changes constantly depending on the light.

With this project, the Faragou Agency has found an ingenious trick to combine architecture, sculpture and garden in the same space. The achievement is a « combination of plant architectures of trunks and foliage put in tension by the lines and curves of the metal ». The design here is certainly the most original, the realization is meticulous and the result is an adventure that goes far beyond a simple restaurant decor.

To learn more about the project, see the Jardin Automobile Club project sheet.