The urban design of the old center of Toulon

The public space construction project concerns the perimeter of the old center, and more particularly, the first 3 islets Riaux, Equerre and Saint-Louis. The definition and participation in the urban rehabilitation project concern the empty spaces of the city (streets, squares, etc.), urban animation (sculptures, historical markings) and the creation of specific urban furniture.

The Site is exceptional. The harbor is considered the most beautiful in Europe. The city has fewer attractions. Wedged between sea and mountain, Toulon has spread from east to west, according to the fortune of needs and means. The idea is to look at the heart of the city, seven hectares, by the Mediterranean sea, abandoned to their fate over the past four decades. To conduct the operation, the team of building owners and contractors believe that looking after the buildings will not be enough to recreate the essential : the identity of the neighborhood. This additionally requires the treatment of public spaces. The city of Toulon, whose architectural attractions are slim, is therefore today in an unprecedented situation: it is from its oldest district, so long and so cruelly neglected, that it can now expect an image of new brand of strong and enterprising city. Image conferred, not by the rehabilitation in itself, but by the purpose and the pretext that the talent of a Landscape Architect has dared to draw from it.

To find out more about the project, see the Old Center in Toulon project sheet.